Half-Staff America

…The American Flag at Half-Staff is a sign of “Mourning and National Distress”. Our nation is currently in such a severe state of “NATIONAL DISTRESS” that this should be happening all across our country! It’s going to take those of us who really believe in Freedom and Liberty standing together as individuals, to fix this mess our elected “Representatives” have created! What stronger symbol could an effort like this possibly have than the American Flag at Half-Staff!!

That’s what Half-Staff America.com is all about. And that is why we have lowered our flags to Half-Staff. We will keep them there until we are satisfied that Our Country is moving in the Right Direction.

If you believe and feel the same way then we encourage you to display your flag at Half-Staff as well. It is our hope that this will spread across this great nation as a symbol of unity by those of us who are not only fed up, but care enough to do something about it… because “We Have Had It”!

Lowering our flags to Half-Staff will be a strong, constant reminder to our representatives and everyone else that Our Nation is in trouble and we will not just stand by and watch it’s demise!

Half-Staff America.com’s mission is to become The Stomping Ground for Freedom Loving Americans to make connections, share ideas, voice complaints, and stir up a groundswell that demands the kind of action we have paid for and deserve.

This site is your site. We have built into it a Facebook Style Social Network – “Community” – that you can join and contribute your input to this mission. There is also a classifieds posting area – “Americans Helping Americans” – so you can post your needs and abilities for the purpose of helping one another. These are free to use when you become a member.

So look around, become a member, invite your friends, and for our country’s sake…

Half-Staff Your Flag!!!

While your here, please join our “Facebook” style community, we would love to hear what you have to say! Join
FREE Listing service for all members… “buy, sell, trade, barter, help someone out — AMERICANS HELPING AMERICANS” check it out!!

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